Welcome to LULUCLOTH! We've created the perfect facial wash cloth to use with your favorite cleanser!

How It All Started...

For many years, I had been washing my face using my favorite cleanser (for sensitive skin) and warm water.  Every couple of days, I added to my face-washing routine, by using a regular washcloth (gasp) to help clean more thoroughly (makeup, dry skin, etc.).  I was really only using one corner of the cloth and the rest of the cloth would just get in the way...so I began cutting the washcloth into quarters.  I was a little particular about the thickness of the cloth.  I didn't like using a cloth that was too thick.  A thin-medium was more pliable and effective!  So...the perfect, soft washcloth was born!  Now, we all can have clean & happy skin with the LULUCLOTH!

Crossbody Stadium & Concert Bag (pink pleather trim)