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Aloe Hand Sanitized 62% alcohol  FREE with purchase of Gentle Cleanser (Limit 3)

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Cruelty Free ~ Paraben Free ~ Eco Friendly

Did you know?

Cleansing wipes cause wrinkles, blemishes and sagging skin. The residue and chemicals in the solution build up on the skin and seep into pores. Also, it is drying and irritating causing inflammation and pigmentation. To top it off, the wiping technique to clean your face can damage your skin - LULUCLOTH safely and thoroughly cleanse your skin!  

Wipes are a Huge Environmental Problem!  Single use wipes produce a massive waste in our landfills. They account for 90% of sewer blockage, not to mention the long-term problems for sea creatures and the marine environment!

Our Story

The original LULUCLOTH was created after company founder, Diane Goodman, needed a perfect facial cloth. She began making her own facial cloths by cutting the rough seams off of a standard wash cloth. They are too thick (and rough) to maneuver around the corners of the nose and eyes thoroughly. So, she searched for the best textured and weight, 100% cotton terry fabric on the market. She serged the edges of the cloth to keep all seams gentle and soft, and made them just the right size so that the material wouldn't get in the way while cleansing. The result - the perfect facial cloth to thoroughly cleanse all daily grime and makeup, while exfoliating, brightening and smoothing your complexion!